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The City of Cincinnati: Office of Environment and Sustainability (OES) is one of our more recent partners, and one that has modeled and invested in the development of equitable leadership.

Beginning in January 2018, OES brought on one full time Ally as well as a shared Ally with Green Umbrella to build capacity around the development of the Green Cincinnati Plan.

The 2018 Green Cincinnati Plan outlines 80 high-impact recommendations to reduce our carbon emissions 80% by 2050. The plan identifies 26 measurable goals toward a sustainable, equitable, and resilient Cincinnati.

Under the Leadership of Director Larry Falkin and supervision of Sustainability Coordinator, Ollie Kroner, Allies have played a huge part in the research, education and community engagement of the Green Cincinnati Plan and in shaping the future of the office.

Current Ally, Liz Congleton, is continuing those efforts through simultaneous research and program cultivation that engages community on lifestyle behaviors. Ollie has been especially impressed by the foundation from Public Allies that Liz brings to integrating equity training both internally and through public presentations. She has been remarkably successful at bringing new people to the conversation.

In Fall of 2018, Bloomberg Philanthropies named Cincinnati a winning city in the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge; an effort in which OES was a major leader. Through this vision, Cincinnati is accepted into a two-year acceleration program and will be provided powerful new resources and access support to help meet or beat the city’s near-term carbon reduction goals.

As they look toward implementation, OES recognizes Public Allies as a valuable contributor and is seeking a two-year commitment as a Partner Organization hosting an Ally to help lead these efforts.

”Your mission is devoted to [equity]; you are asking tough questions, providing frequent reminders, and engaging people in conversations I don’t think would be had otherwise,” says Kroner in reflecting on the value of Public Allies to their organization and to the city.

“Equity is such an interesting and challenging topic in that it is relatively easy to evoke strong vocabulary and articulate inequity, but then identifying ways to address it is really challenging. Having those ongoing conversations and frequent reminders little by little injects equity into decision-making and thought process.”

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By hosting an AmeriCorps Ally, you can improve your nonprofit organization’s’ effectiveness, efficiency, and reach, while maximizing resources and staffing costs.


Our partners commit to hosting an Ally for a 10-month term. Allies serve full-time, four days week at your nonprofit or government agency, and receive 21st century skills training on Fridays to support your work and their professional development.


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2018-2019 Partner Organizations

We are looking for leaders across sectors who demonstrate integrity, trust, and openness to support our work in preparing adaptable new leaders who inspire, motivate and move toward results. 

Mentors commit to meeting at least once monthly from September through June. Monthly meetings will consist of mentoring activities guided by mentee’s pathway goal and overall  development. 

Every Friday, Allies receive 21st century skills training that support their ability to create results at nonprofits across the city, as well as develop their own personal and professional leadership. 


We welcome individuals who have knowledge, passion and expertise that Allies could learn from. Topics have included project management, community organizing, self-care, racial justice, media literacy, etc. 

Proud Partner of AmeriCorps

2330 Victory Parkway, Suite 302

Cincinnati, OH 45206

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